Mother | Wife | Business Owner | Matriarch


With over a decade in the photography industry Sarah has been a qualified member of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photography for that time, she is also  personally mentored by one of the top photographers in the Country; the only photographer in the world to be awarded the Grand Masters Bar. Sarah Golding Photography offers the highest quality images primarily for bumps to babies, couples, families, individual portraits and weddings; all your family and personal needs._MG_0060


Born in Essex, Sarah moved up North to go to University in Manchester. Having always had a fascination with photographs from an earlier age where she used to flick through her grandparents collection, listening to their stories of love, war, friends and family and dream about what it was like to live back then. This gave her the drive and impetus to pick up the camera herself and start creating her own memories and dreams; something which she still does today in her personal life as well as her professional life.


While at Manchester Sarah met Tom; a Cheshire lad specialising in IT and training. They moved in together, and had a couple of boisterous and beautiful boys who think they rule the roost.  Anyone who knows Sarah will know this is not the case; she is very much the leader in her male dominated household. It is this power and drive that allows her to be a top class mum, run her own business and still have time for the people and passions in her life. Sarah understands the stress and difficulties that can occur with family life, and as a mother she pours the same amount of love and attention into her work as she does her life.



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